The negative is the equivalent of the composer's score and the print the performance. Ansel Adams

Minimum hosts a technical lab to support photographers and other professionals of the visual industry through all the phases of image making. Our lab’s services range from scanning, digital post-production, to printing.


At Minimum, we believe the only way to reach a high-quality product is to work closely with the authors who approach us, engaging them in a real dialogue and making them active players of the process.


This is why our approach is based on the idea that a photography lab is much more than its technical skills, and that the author should co-work with Minimum to guide us through all the phases of their  photographic work, with the common goal of turning their creative ideas into a real product.


With this approach, Minimum wishes to establish a dialogue with authors who are working both locally and abroad.


To make this happen, the lab offers the possibility of checking print-proofs before the final printing by posting them directly to their addresses.

Minimum. Via Giacalone 33, 90133. Palermo, Italy  /  Versione Italiana