It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter. Alfred Eisenstaedt

In Minimum we nourish ideas who see photography as access to interaction, to creativity and to information. From these ideas take shape projects and activities that grow and expand outside our perimeter. Projects are modular and can be exported in various contexts. We of course prefer beautiful ones.

Superfotocolla uses photography and portraiture in a group of kids, as way of interaction and access to creativity. Eventually, using very simple and daily tools, giant prints come out.



Download the pdf with all the information.

Especially focused on the zine format, Graffette is a showcase of printed matter spacing from documentary photography to art publications.



Briefly, you send your postal address to us, we send you back a test print. For free.



A posters' exhibition/market with images by 10 photographers and 10 illustrators, from Italy and abroad that you can buy on line.

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A in-depth research on the phenomenon of photographic publishing that highlights the more authorial aspects related to the production process of the book. In collaboration with Leporello.



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